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Zeus International Martial Arts Academy

Here at Zeus International Martial Arts Academy we're helping you take your training to the next level. Our system is built on real-world self-defense training. We're proud to help people of all backgrounds and experience levels find success. With us, you can count on professional coaching and a friendly environment every time you train. We'll help you build your skills one step at a time and feel great about yourself every time you walk away. We're here for you! Come see us today or fill out the short form on your screen to learn more!

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If you want results look no further.. Zeus has been apart of our son's growth and developement for over 8 years now. I have a beautiful and talented 15 year old son that without all the support, training and living by the 5 tenants has contributed to the person that my son is today, Thank you Zeus and a special shout out to Mark Bui, THANK YOU XXXXXXXXXX

Samantha Crosswell

Zeus International Martial Arts Academy is a one of the best place to learn multi-Styles Martial art in Sydney, Australia from the Experienced and renowned Instructur Costa Prasoula.It is one spot for Multi-Styles of Martial Arts and well known for self defense skill.

Sowyamvu Raj Dangol

I once heard the words, "If you want to become a good martial artist, don't choose the style - choose the teacher". The chemistry that Master Costa has with his students is unexplainable; he is a family man that truly cares about each of his students as if they're his own brother, sister or child. The classes are taught by Master Costa himself, as well as his highly competent instructors, who find virtue in teaching perfect technique; yet the classes remain upbeat, fun and accessible. If you're looking at diving into the world of martial arts (Do it!!!), or are just looking to work on your fitness, confidence or self defence, you cannot afford to not give Zeus a try. It will challenge you and change you, like it forever changed me. Zeus is not my gym... it's my family.

George 'Maverick' Roditis

When i first met Master Prasoulas in early 2002, i had already been training for almost two decades across a range of styles and disciplines across ever continent on earth save for the Antartic. We began training together shortly afterwards. Back then Costa worked two jobs and taught each evening, a grooling schedule, i was in and out. In those 12 years i have watched Master Prasoulas embark on a journey to fullfil a dream, i admired as he took the step from part time to full time instruction, watched as he constantly changed and adapted both personally and within his teaching. Constantly learning, testing, adapting and incorporating first Pankration and later BJJ into his syllabus. Rather than being intimidated or dismissive of the MMA phenomenon he embraced it, however never abandoning his roots. Over those years i watched Master Prasoulas journey from being one of Sydneys leading instructors to easily one of Australias finest instructors with an international reputation to compliment. From A good teacher to without question one of the nations leading teachers, i have marvelled as he, with great personal input and with the assistance of some of the finest young men and women practicing the martial arts, have taken young unsure and lacking self confidence youth and turn them into confident young adults. Rough diamonds into champion fighters, troubled teens into productive and proud members of the community. It is a testament to his hard work, tenacity, adaptability, and constantly striving to find that better self, that today you will find Master Prasoulas in print, radio and TV media with an intetnationally recognised name brand synonimous with quality, integrity and absolute proffessionalism. It is a testament to the man that you will still find him personally teaching both children and stabled fighters alike with the same patience, respect and effort. For a life experience beyond the physicall alone i cannot recommend Zeus Academy highly enough....

Mario Hill

For many years I was searching for a martial arts academy that offered a variety of disciplines from self defence through to ultimate conditioning. After being part of the Zeus family for 4 years so far I have learnt amazing skills, techniques and discipline under the guidance of great instructors and master Costa. By training hapkido I'm more confident in my abilities to protect myself and others and take on life challenges and through my muay Thai training I have become more conditioned and my fitness levels have increased dramatically. Classes are fun, exciting well structured and there's always time for a joke or 2 to create an atmosphere of laughter and enjoyment which keeps us all motivated and focused. Zeus academy has become a second home and everyone apart of it is one big family who are always willing to welcome all new commers. Its a fantastic place to train, learn and laugh!

Aaron Ishac

I've trained at Zeus Academy for a number years, granted more off than on recently due to busy life schedule, but have always used the time I can to train at Zeus. My loyalty to the Academy comes not just from the professionalism, skill and care demonstrated by Master Costa and all the instructors at Zeus, but also due to the atmosphere. It is an environment that fosters community spirit, where students will become friends who support and push each other to greater skill and ability. It is this mix of professionalism, skill and spirit that has kept me going to Zeus Academy, it is a great environment of training and camaraderie that has you wondering whether it's the training or the fellow students and teachers that has you returning each week. I would wholeheartedly recommend Zeus Academy to all ages and skill levels, it is a school of quality ethics, community spirit and great skill.

Sean Laves

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